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Valmet 1450 CTS


Maximum web width(trimmed): 1450mm
Maximum sheet length: 1500mm
Minimum sheet length: 400mm
Maximum speed (mechanical): 300 m/minsor 300 cuts/min (Whichever is first achieved)
Sheet length accuracy: + 0.5mm up to1000mm sheet length/+ 0.05% over 1000mm sheet length. The figures are based commercial quality reels understeady running conditions.
Sheet squareness accuracy: +0.5mm
Maximum knife load (multiple webs): 500 GSM
Maximum knife load (single web): 400 GSM
Maximum pile height(incl. pallet): 1200 mm
Maximum pile weight: 2000 kg
Electrical supply: 25 KVA (continuous) 45 at peak.
Electrical supply requirement: 380/415 V 3 phase50 Hz
Air consumption: 0.7 cubic metres/min @ 6 bar

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