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Thanks to our many years experience we are able to skilfully and efficiently dismantle, load and transport machines. We are fully equipped for any project, either in the Netherlands or abroad.

Machines are mechanically and electrically dismantled by our professionals and machine parts will be marked in order to guarantee a successful re-installation. All packages will be described and during dismantling and loading numerous pictures are made.

After they have been sealed or wrapped around with foil, the machine parts will be fastened to the means of transportation with fastening belts of first class quality. In case of longer transports over land or sea rust protection fluid will be used to protect machine parts, which are sensitive to rust.

We also make use of cases, pallets, wedges and beams to properly pack and fasten all machine parts to the vehicle floor. Depending on the destination we use heat treated wood (ISPM), in conformity with the regulations and demands of the destination country.

Thanks to our expertise we avoid no challenge. PITS – PIJNENBURG INTERNATIONAL TECHNICAL SERVICES B.V. is thé specialist in this area!