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Reconditioning often is an excellent alternative for purchase of a new machine. Thanks to their solid construction most machines of quality manufacturers have a long life, which through reconditioning even can be prolonged with years.

Our workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands, is fully equipped to recondition machines. Before starting the project an action plan will be drawn up and a planning is made together with the customer. Roughly a reconditioning project consists of the following stages:

  • action plan / planning
  • dismantling and loading at the customer
  • transport to our workshop in Tilburg, the Netherlands
  • dismantling to basic machine
  • cleaning of entire machine
  • ice blasting of entire machine
  • painting of machine frame
  • checking of individual machine parts
  • repair and/or replacement of necessary parts
  • fitting of new parts (like counters, bearings, belts and so on)
  • blacking of parts sensitive to rust
  • assembly
  • test run
  • fine tuning
  • final test run, if desired in presence of customer
  • dismantling and preparing for loading
  • transport back to customer
  • unloading and placing on production floor
  • installation of machine.

Have your machine be reconditioned by PITS, a specialized and professional company!